To whom it may concern: A whitelist request

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To whom it may concern: A whitelist request

Postby Z.WindSpir1t » 03 Sep 2018, 23:25

Greetings citizen of the dbGamehost.

I hail from many a pack, a roving traveler. A pack hopper as I do.
I've found a good deal of entertainment in Enigmatica 2: expert.
Having noticed you do in fact have a bleeding edge of the development server through discord and that is opening again, I'm interested in joining you.

Magic and farming mods are more my forté, as is exploration. I "can" do tech, in small amounts.

Your pack makes the user actually think. Its interesting and I appreciate the work put into it.
((add fence jumper/diet hopper please))

Please consider a humble draconian for your roving band of server goers.
I cannot promise a great deal of activity, but I am interested in the community.



P.S.; IGN is ZephyrWindSpirit

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Re: To whom it may concern: A whitelist request

Postby NillerMedDild » 06 Sep 2018, 14:06

+1 for the weird role-play application :P

Welcome to the server, you have been whitelisted!

The IP is
and our discord is
Modpack Developer & OP

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