Whitelist Request

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Whitelist Request

Postby FG_SubZero » 27 Nov 2018, 23:00

good evening my name is Sub it would be a privilege to join your Enigmatica 2 community server I'm always looking for new people to play MC with I love the game but I haven't played it in a while so it would be nice to come back to a fresh new community I love all the mods the pack gives and I'm an experienced builder, though my styles are a little old fashioned and most of the time hidden away under ground, I still think they would be a nice addiction to the server. if people are in need I'm always willing to help weather it be with a mod or with resources, I have plans on maybe building a town with stores that people can buy from if your server does not already have one. thank you for taking your time in reading this and I hope to hear back with acceptance.

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Re: Whitelist Request

Postby NillerMedDild » 29 Nov 2018, 07:45

Welcome to the server, you have been whitelisted!

The IP is mc.dbgamehost.com
and our discord is https://discord.gg/HnWNd7X
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