WhiteList Request

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WhiteList Request

Postby destrokin » 26 Nov 2018, 19:11

Hello my name is des and I would love to join the community on the enigmatic 2 server I fell I would make a great addition to the members list and could bring a lot of fun to the server. I have a decent amount of mudpack experience and my favorite mods are Refined storage, Nuclear Craft, Psi, and Tinkers. My purpose of wanting to join is simple, I wish to create a town and connect with all of the people in the community while having fun and creating new things as I play. I wouldn't mind helping others as well considering I know some people have issues with some mods.

Discord - Destrokin#0246
Email - Summersilltl@gmail.com
Name - Des
IGN - Destrokin

Forgot to add ign so i had to edit sorry for mistake

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Re: WhiteList Request

Postby NillerMedDild » 27 Nov 2018, 07:28

Welcome to the server, you have been whitelisted!

The IP is mc.dbgamehost.com
and our discord is https://discord.gg/HnWNd7X
Modpack Developer & OP

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