Whitelist Chillkroete-

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Whitelist Chillkroete-

Postby Chillkroete- » 26 Aug 2018, 09:46

Hey Guys,

I would like to check out the sweet Enigmatica2 Servers!
While beeing always short on time next to my workday, I enjoy playing Minecraft to just chill out and just build something/power through sum mods. I enjoy playing together with people and am always up for a good laugh. From what I saw of these forums from the outside, this looks like a good and cosy place to get sum of that going on :)

How long does the server's World exists? Are there resets? (When would be the next one?/Would you get a worldDL in that case?)
Could I get whitelisted to the Expert Server? (I have seen that the Requests are closed, but u know ... like playing expert and it never hurts to ask :) )

Best and till hopefully soon,

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Re: Whitelist Chillkroete-

Postby NillerMedDild » 27 Aug 2018, 19:27

Welcome to the server, you have been whitelisted!

The IP is mc.dbgamehost.com
and our discord is https://discord.gg/HnWNd7X

The server resets if it gets very laggy, or if a lot of people request it. It usually lasts at least 5 months though. If the worldsize is small enough that I can actually send/receive it, you can have a world download on server reset :) Just ask and I'll do my best

I'm afraid the Expert server is currently closed for applications.
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